Quartz Mood Prism


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Crystal infused scent diffuser for your car and home! Great for hanging in small spaces such as your car, bathroom, kitchen, or closet.

This magnetic elixir embodies clarity and purpose, curated to draw abundance into your life. The olfactory journey begins with the enchanting notes of fig and cherry, weaving into a delicious blend of salted caramel and almond, and culminating in the warm embrace of golden benzoin and amber. Enchanting clear quartz crystals are sought after for their remarkable ability to heal and nurture the spirit. With their subtle yet potent energy, these crystals become powerful allies in the art of manifestation, helping you bring your dreams to life.

  • only natural, organic, and toxic-free ingredients
  • vegan + cruelty-free

Top Notes: Fig + Black Cherry

Middle Notes: Salted Caramel + Almond

Base Notes: Golden Benzoin + Amber

  1. Carefully twist off the wood triangle top.
  2. Take out the plug.
  3. Replace the wooden top and rotate the oil to wet the wood. The fragrance will disperse through the wood.
  4. Carefully rotate the bottle periodically to re-wet the wood and refresh the fragrance.

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