Elegance Fine Bathing Salts


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Embrace an elegant escape. Melt your worries away with a luxurious sea salt soak that’s delightfully fragranced & richly relaxing. Soothing the senses with uplifting notes of White Amber & Mirabelle, this blissful bath time retreat leaves skin silky soft and the mind rejuvenated.

  • Gold accents and a reflective lid add brilliant shine to this gorgeous glass jar and tub-side keepsake.
  • Inside, a delicate linen drawstring bag holds the luxurious sea salt soak.
  • An elegant gold spoon is included for you to dig in and drift off to a state of bliss.

White Amber & Mirabelle

16 OZ / 454 G

From a young age, Brand Author Margot Elena has dreamed up beautiful worlds drawn from her limitless creativity and fed by heartfelt literature, intriguing patterns, textures, and the perfect imperfections in nature. Margot Elena’s meticulously crafted brand libraries overflow with luxuries beautifully balanced in design, fragrance and formulations. Always mindful that her products add beauty and meaning to their environment, Margot Elena designs her brand worlds down to the last endearing detail on each package.