Afar Diffuser


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The T3 Afar Diffuser in Satin Blush is designed to volumize and define curls, waves and coils while eliminating frizz and flyaways. Its vented finger extensions distribute heat gently and evenly to speed up drying, while lifting and separating hair for enhanced volume and body.

Compatible with the T3 Afar hair dryer only.

  • Vented Finger Extensions - Distribute heat evenly for fast drying with volume and body
  • Professional Finish - Even heat distribution prevents over-drying, leaving hair smooth and shiny
  • Compatible with the T3 Afar hair dryer only (sold separately)

T3 ignites your styling imagination with next-gen technology to transform the styling experience and deliver the hair you love. The goal is always to minimize guesswork, maximize your time, and bring you reliably beautiful results, while protecting the health and radiance of your hair.