Detangle Duo


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Break up with tangle and knots, forever. The two-piece T3 Detangle Duo set includes a shower comb that evenly disperses liquid products in the shower, and a detangling brush to help release knots in wet hair, leaving strands detangled and ready for dry styling. The perfect pair for taming those wet-hair woes.

  • Wide-Tooth Comb Helps disperse liquid products evenly through strands in the shower while detangling hair​
  • Rounded Tips Helps massage and stimulate scalp​
  • Teardrop-Shape Handle Design fits comfortably in hand for better control while brushing through strands​
  • Soft Flexible Brush Bristles Remove knots and tangles from wet hair comfortably and easily​​
  • Porcupine Bristle Pattern Allows brush bristles to glide through hair smoothly
  • Cushioned Brush Body Conforms to the contours of the scalp to optimize detangling

T3 ignites your styling imagination with next-gen technology to transform the styling experience and deliver the hair you love. The goal is always to minimize guesswork, maximize your time, and bring you reliably beautiful results, while protecting the health and radiance of your hair.