Rose Quartz Facial Roller


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An ancient Asian beauty tool that's stayed popular all throughout history, Snow Fox's facial roller is made with dual roller ends for versatility, non-squeak silicone insets for durability and individually selected hand carved white jade.

Use it as a facial massage tool to help de-puff, de-stress and enhance your skincare routine!

  • Minimise facial puffiness to enhance natural contours
  • Relax facial tension with an easy, soothing massage
  • Maximise skincare product absorption
  • Speed up Sheet Masking time (by half!)
  • Includes silicone insets for increased durability, squeak-free and smoother rolling
  1. Place Sheet Mask over cleansed, dry face or apply facial oil or serum all over the face and neck.
  2. Roll upward and sideways, focusing on puffy areas, such as the cheeks and under eyes.
  3. Gently massage your smile lines and forehead. Let sit for 10 mins then pat the remaining serum into skin or wash off.

natural Rose Quartz, metal alloy components, silicone inset components

Snow Fox has become a global brand but its concept originated in Australia where the founder was born, as the daughter of first generation Taiwanese immigrants. After feeling unsatisfied with the results of conventional skin treatments for her Rosacea, she travelled back to Taiwan to develop Snow Fox's original formula, where chemists adopted both traditional Eastern healing methodologies and modern dermal sciences in practice. Nowadays, Snow Fox products are also made in USA, Japan and Australia based on the same clean, results-driven philosophy.