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Osmosis Facial Infusion


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Stimulate collagen and promote cell turnover with a non-acid peel.  Gently resurface the epidermis with calming ingredients.

1 hour

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Resurface - Stimulate - Calm

The RevitaPen works on the same principle as micro-needling or CIT (collagen induction therapy). By creating micro-channels into the skin to deliver product ingredients, that would otherwise struggle to bypass the skins lipid barrier. A non-invasive tool that enhances product absorption to create visible and instant results. Utilizing a unique sphere-shaped tip that rapidly pulsates to create micro-channels, driving Osmosis active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal restoration and rejuvenation.

However, unlike micro-needling, the RevitaPen does not contain any needles. The “no-needle alternative to micro-needling”. It is designed for treating lines and wrinkles, evening skin tone and improving the appearance of acne scarring and an alternative for people to micro-needling.