Fluff Up Lash Wand


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The Fluff Up Reusable Lash Wand is your back-pocket secret weapon for touch-ups anywhere and flawless lashes everywhere. The eye-hugging, hourglass shape combs through each lash from root to tip to keep your natural lashes or extensions fluffy, separated and perfectly positioned. Specially designed to use with extensions, but also perfect for your natural fans, Borboleta's custom bristle mix gently detangles and removes shedding lashes for a gorgeous look. And, this stash-friendly essential stays safely protected with a cap that keeps the brush clean and doubles as a handle for easy, on-the-go use.

  • Fibers: Mix of nylon bristle types to gently brush from root to tip, combing and detangling criss-crossed extensions or natural lashes for a defined look.
  • Tapered Tips: Gently separates shedding lashes without pulling or tugging Shape: An eye-hugging hourglass shape that helps to volumize, fluff and lift every lash, and maintain curl shape
  • Aluminum Handle and Cap: Keeps bristles hygienic and protects brush shape when stored for on-the-go use. The cap also acts as a handle for more control during application.

Use as needed throughout the day to reposition and fluff your natural lashes or extensions. To use, position your Fluff Up Brush over the lid and swirl down over lashes. Follow up with brows as needed.

Everyone deserves lush lashes, so Boboleta is putting the cult-favorite lash care line—previously for beauty professionals only—in you hands, and on your lashes. Borboleta knows lashes better than anyone. For the past decade, they have gotten up close and personal with all lash types to build a brand that makes lash dreams a reality, and a culture that puts lash health first.